On the 10 August 2018 Belarus Ministry of the Economy registered the following technical assistance project «Helping Belarus address the phenomenon of increasing numbers of irregular migrants».

The EU-funded project to be implemented by IOM Belarus jointly with the Ministry of the Interior and the State Border Committee of the Republic of Belarus. Among other project partners are UNHCR Office in Belarus and civil society organizations – the Belarus Red Cross Society and the Belarusian Movement of Medical Workers.

The main purpose of the project is to help Belarus develop and implement a comprehensive migration policy in compliance with the international standards. The project has three key components:

amendment of legislation following a comprehensive gap and needs assessment and capacity building activities for competent migration specialists.

establishment of a sustainable national AVRR system and provision of voluntary return and reintegration assistance to the most vulnerable migrants.

construction and refurbishment of several specialized semi-open migrant accommodation centres in line with the best EU practices and international standards for constructing and maintaining such facilities.

By 2022 Belarus with the support of EU, IOM and other project stakeholders will have a comprehensive irregular migration management system, contemporary migrant accommodation infrastructure and effective establishment of assisted and voluntary return and reintegration system that would altogether operate with respect for gender dimension and migrants rights.