Queues diagrams

The State Border Committee is launching a section of the official Internet portal, which will allow persons leaving Belarus to plan a trip abroad with minimum loss of their time in a queue before entering the checkpoint.

The section of the Internet portal is presented in the form of diagrams that display analytical information about the queues of cars and trucks in front of the checkpoint at the country’s exit.

Visitors of the portal will be able to get information not only about the current state of the queue at the border, but also about the data on the daily average queue of trucks and passenger cars and on hourly changes in the average queue of cars leaving Belarus.

Provided information is the average result of the data analysis on queues for the last 4 weeks and is daily automatically calculated and changed in accordance with the prevailing situation.   

Diagrams visually display the situation in front of the checkpoint based on real data, which allows visitors of the Internet portal to select the most favorable day of the week and time of day for the trip.

The section will be useful both for cargo carriers and logistics specialists, who plan to dispatch cargo outside Belarus through international checkpoints, as well as for citizens traveling by personal transport. 

We also remind, that the checkpoints «Brest», «Kotlovka» and «Grigorovshchina» have an electronic queue system, which allows to reserve the time for crossing the border up to 90 days in advance, but no later than 3 hours before the trip.

In addition, the opportunity to see the online situation with CCTV cameras in front of checkpoints with an update interval of 3-5 minutes is presented in the section, in which current queue information in front of checkpoints is presented every even hour around the clock in a tabular form.