Situation at the border

Situation at the border

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15.04.2024 02:00
departure camera exit from RB
Grigorovshchina (Electronic queue) (0)*
Urbany (Electronic queue) (0)*
Kotlovka (Electronic queue) (0)*
Losha 0
Kamenny Log (Electronic queue) (0)*
Benyakoni более 60
Privalka 0
Bruzgi (Electronic queue) (0)*
Berestovica 0
Peschatka 0
Kozlovichi -
Brest, motorway (Electronic queue) (более 120)*
Domachevo 0
Tomashovka 0
Oltush 0
Mokrany 0
Mokhro 0
Nevel 0
Verkhni Terebezhov 0
Glushkevichi 0
Novaya Rudnya 0
Aleksandrovka 0
Komarin 0
Novaya Guta 0
Veselovka 0

Attention! А number of adjacent border crossing points do not function
on the initiative of the neighboring side.

functioning adjacent
not functioning adjacent

* The number of vehicles in the waiting area of the electronic queue system in front of the checkpoint is indicated on the basis of information is provided by the operator of the waiting area.

For more information, contact the waiting area operators:

In accordance with the scheme of passing through the state border of the Republic of Belarus of individuals, vehicles and goods at the checkpoints “Privalka”, “Bruzgi” and “Berestovitsa”, stopping and parking of vehicles, that cross the border, are allowed only at parking near shops for a time required to purchase goods, but not more than 40 minutes. Vehicle parking not related to shopping is prohibited.

Violation of these requirements entails administrative liability in accordance with Article 24.21 of the Administrative Code of the Republic of Belarus (Violation of the regime at checkpoints across the state border of the Republic of Belarus). The sanction of this article provides for a fine up to 50 base units and deportation.