Local fee for crossing the border

Border crossing

The fee when leaving the country is introduced by the regional councils of deputies of the Brest, Grodno and Vitebsk regions according to the laws of the Republic of Belarus.

The fee is charged for the departure of a power-driven vehicle with at least four wheels, the technically permissible maximum mass of which does not exceed 5 tons, with the exception of wheeled tractors and self-propelled vehicles.

On the territory of the Vitebsk, Grodno and Brest regions, the fee for vehicles under five tons, registered both in Belarus and abroad, is set at the rate of one base unit. It does not depend on the number of passengers.

A document confirming the payment of the fee is provided in paper or electronic form at the border crossing points to the officer of the border service (in the case of border control by the customs authorities, the payment document is provided to the customs official).

If an individual entrepreneur or organization has paid the fee from his account, then when traveling abroad, you must additionally present a copy of the payment instruction marked by the bank.

Crossing the Belarusian-Russian border
Local fee when crossing the border of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation is not payed.

Important to know

The fee is paid to the budget of the region in which the BCP is located. For example, if the departure is planned through the Berestovitsa crossing point (Grodno region), and the fee is paid to the budget of the Brest region, the fee is not paid.

  • Payment of the fee can be made both before crossing the state border by paying in advance at a bank institution, and when crossing the state border if there is a bank department at the BCP.

We recommend to pay the fee before arriving at the BCP in order to avoid problems with making payments, as well as to reduce the time of crossing the border.

  • The document must contain the name of the payer (or the name of the organization), the amount and date of payment, the registration number of the vehicle, the purpose of the payment.

  • Exemption from paying the fee for certain categories of persons is determined by c. 7 of Art. 4 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus dated December 29, 2020 No. 72-Z "On Amending the Tax Code of the Republic of Belarus" and the decision of the regional councils of deputies: Brest, Grodno, Vitebsk.