Rules of border crossing with children

Rules of border crossing with children

If you are traveling with children under 3 years old or disabled children under 18 years old - you are eligible for priority entry to road checkpoints. This rule is valid at checkpoints where the electronic queue system is not functioning.

Minor citizens (under 18 years old) of the Republic of Belarus may travel abroad with their passports:

⇒ accompanied by one or both of the legal representatives upon  one of the documents confirming their status of parents ;

The list of documents:

  • Document for departure from the Republic of Belarus and the entry to the Republic of Belarus of a legal representative, in which there is the note about the minor, whose legal representative is the holder of the document (passport with a recorded child);
  • Birth certificate of the minor;
  • Certificate of adoption or a copy of the court decision on adoption of a minor - if the adopter is not recorded in the book of birth records as adopting parent of a minor;
  • Certificate for the right to represent the interests of the person under care;
  • Agreement on giving of a minor for foster family;
  • Agreement on education and protection of a minor in a family type home;
  • A copy of the Child Protection Services decision of custody or guardianship of a minor and appointment of citizen as a guardian or trustee of a minor.

Attention! If the child travels with one parent member, notarized authorization from the other parent is not required.

⇒ without parents upon producing of written consent of both.

Attention! Written consent of parents for departing from the Republic of Belarus of the minor must be certified by:

  • notary or other official entitled to perform such notarial act;
  • an official of the citizenship and migration units of the internal affairs of the Republic of Belarus at place of residence of the legal representative or a minor;
  • the competent authority or an official of a foreign state.

This document is accepted with an apostille affixed therein, unless otherwise provided by international treaties of the Republic of Belarus, and must be accompanied by its translation into one of the official languages of the Republic of Belarus. The verification of the translation or the authenticity of the translator's signature on the translation must be certified by a notary or another official who has the right to perform such a notarial act.

Children, permanently residing outside the Republic of Belarus, depart from the Republic of Belarus with their passports, accompanied by one of their parents.

Unaccompanied children must produce written consent of one of the parents.

Children can depart from the Republic of Belarus on their diplomatic or service passports of citizens of the Republic of Belarus, accompanied by one of the parents.