Checkpoint Berestovica

Information about the queues at the checkpoint

27.05.2024 00:00
exit from RB

1Border checks by information systems.

2Crossing the state border by bicycle is possible.

Online camera of queue (departure from the Republic of Belarus)

Online camera of queue (entry to the Republic of Belarus)

Queue diagram

* Current status of the queue of vehicles (which depart from the Republic of Belarus) in front of the checkpoint for the present day

Passport of the object

The capacity of the checkpoint in one direction per day:

  • Passanger cars - 1500
  • Lorries - 650

Adjacent checkpoint:

not functioning adjacent checkpoint

Working hours:



International (for citizens of any state or stateless persons)

Nature of international traffic:


Type of traffic:



Grodno region, Berestovica district, Pogranichny

Types of control

Border control

telephone number of the officer on duty of Grodno Border Group:
+375-17-3652612 24/7 hotline for information about State Border crossing:
+375-17-2659008 24/7 helpline of the personal security service:

Customs control

National Customs Clearance Station Berestovica:

Veterinary control

+375-1511-70229 Volkovysk Border Control Veterinary Station:

Phytosanitary control

+375-1511-70247 Grodno Regional State Inspectorate for Seed Breeding, Quarantine and Protection of Plants:

Sanitary quarantine control

+375-1511-70203    Grodno Regional Center for Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health:

Transport control

+375-152-798250, +375-1511-70212  National Customs Clearance Station Berestovica: