International technical assistance

International technical assistance

At present, the border guard agency of Belarus actively pursue work with donors of international technical assistance on the development and implementation of projects that contribute to improving the reliability of the border protection of the Republic of Belarus.

Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated October 22, 2003 No. 460 “On International Technical Assistance Provided to the Republic of Belarus”, it was determines that international technical assistance is one of the types of assistance provided free of charge to the Republic of Belarus by international technical assistance donors through research, training, and exchange of specialists, graduate and undergraduate students, transfer of experience and technology, funds, supply of equipment and other goods (property) under internationally approved technical assistance projects (programs), as well as in the form of organizing and (or) holding seminars, conferences, and other public discussions to provide support for :
  • social and economic transformations;
  • environmental protection;
  • liquidation of the consequences of the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant;
  • infrastructure development.

Ongoing projects:


On the 10 August 2018 the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus registered the international technical assistance project «Helping Belarus address the phenomenon of increasing numbers of irregular migrants».


Within the framework of the Cross-Border Cooperation Program "Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2014-2020" of the European Neighborhood Instrument, in Belarus is implemented technical assistance project – «Joint initiatives of border guards on increasing the effectiveness of border checks and state border protection».