Facilitation of Mutual Travel by Residents of Border Territories of the Republic of Belarus and the Latvian Republic

Facilitation of Mutual Travel by Residents of Border Territories of the Republic of Belarus and the Latvian Republic

For citizens of the Republic of Latvia

In accordance with the Agreement between the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Latvia border areas are administrative-territorial units of the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Latvia, adjacent to the belarus-latvian border, and located 30 km away from it. If a part of such formation is in the zone from 30 to 50 km from the border, then such formation is also considered to be the part of the border area.

Border territories of the Republic of Latvia in accordance with the Agreement include:

  • Aglona, Graverskaya, Kastulinskaya, Shķeltova volost of Aglona district;
  • Andzelskaya, Andrupene, Asunskaya, Berzinskaya, Dagda, Kepovskaya, Konstantinovskaya Svarinskaya, Shkyaunskaya, Ezerniekskaya volost and city Dagda of Dagda district;
  • Ambelskaya, Bikerniekskoj, Vetssalienskoj, Vishksky, Demene, Kalkunsky, Lautsessky, Liksnskaya, Malinovskaya, Medumi, Nauyenskaya, Saliensky, Svente, Skrudaliena, Tabore volost of Daugavpils region and the city of Daugavpils;
  • Zalesskaya, Lauderskaya, Pasiene volost and town Zilupe of Zilupe region;
  • Shedersky volost of Ilukstsk district;
  • Auleja, Izvaltsky, Indrovskaya, Kalnieshskaya, Kaplava, Kombulskaya, Kraslava, Piedruja, Skaystskaya, Udrishi volost and the city of Kraslava of Kraslava region;
  • Brigsky, Istrskaya, Nirzskaya, Pildskaya, Rundeni volost of Ludza region;
  • Kaunata volost of Rezekne region.

Documents required for border crossing

Residents of border areas of Latvia when they cross the state border and stay in the border area of Belarus must have:

  • Permit;
  • Valid travel document (passport of the citizen of the Republic of Latvia, passport of non-citizen of the Republic of Latvia, diplomatic passport, service passport, document card of seaman;
  • Health insurance contract.

Residents of border areas of Latvia upon producing of valid travel documents with permits for local border traffic, are allowed to cross the state border in checkpoints opened for international and bilateral traffic without visas. Residents of border areas of Latvia are not required a pass for the right to stay in the border zone (border line).

How to obtain a permit:

For obtaining a permit, you must

  • file an application to local authorities of border area of the Republic of Latvia for inclusion in the list of border area residents (annually before 1st February they are handed over to permitting authorities)
    In application form are indicated:
    • name and surname;
    • date and place of birth;
    • identification number of the person or personal identification number;
    • type, series and number of a valid travel document; authority, date of issue;
    • place of residence and the period of time during which the person legaly resides in the border area;
    • purpose of trip;
    • place of stay in the state border area of the other Party.
  • for obtaining the cross-border permit apply to the Consulate General of the Republic of Belarus in Daugavpils
    Address: 18.Novembra iela 44, Daugavpils, LV-5403, Latvija

When applying for permission for cross-border movement you must have:

  • passport and it’s quality photocopy;
  • filled standard form;
  • 2 color photographs, 3 x 4 cm;
  • health insurance for the first trip;
  • documents confirming the need for multiple trips to the border area of the Republic of Belarus;
  • certificate of residence declaration.

Attention!!! Reception of documents is carried out on the basis of the lists of border area residents by prior appointment, which is made by phone 65420965 on working days from 14:00 to 18:00.

A fee of 20 euros is charged for processing the application for local border traffic permit. Pensioners, disabled groups I and II (with certificates and photocopies) and children under 18 years are released from the fee.

Payment of consular fees for border traffic permits can be made:

  • by plastic cards at the payment office of the Consulate General of the Republic of Belarus in Daugavpils;
  • in Daugavpils branch of JSC «SEB banka», located at the address: Daugavpils, str. Gimnazijas, 12 (entrance from str. Kr. Valdemar).
Procedure for issuing of permits - 10 working days.

When the permit is lost, damaged or destroyed

Upon issuing a new permit in connection with the exchange of the document for travel abroad (passport), the expiry date or damage of a permit, except a loss (theft), previously issued permit shall be returned to the Consulate General.

To obtain a new permit in the event of its loss (theft), You must provide to the General Consulate a certificate confirming the appeal for the fact of loss (theft) issued by the internal affairs body of the Republic of Belarus or an authority of the Republic of Latvia authorized to issue such certificates..

Registration procedure

According to the Agreement, persons who entered the Republic of Belarus under border crossing permits are required to pass the registration upon staying for more than five days.

For registration in citizenship and migration agency of the internal affairs body at place of temporary stay, hotel, sanatorium and recreational organizations it is necessary to provide the following documents:

  • application;
  • migration card with a stamp of entrance, made by border service officer;
  • document for traveling abroad;
  • health insurance policy;
  • document confirming payment of fee in the amount of 0,5 base value (foreigners under 16 years are registered free of charge).