21-30 June
The 2nd European Games 2019

Information for the fans and guests

Visa-free entry

for the participants of the 2nd European Games and accredited
media representatives from 20 May to 10 July 2019

required valid documents for traveling abroad, inclusion in the list of the accreditation system of the European Games and the availability of the accreditation card

Accreditation card

for foreign tourists - citizens of 74 states – from 10 June to 10 July 2019

required valid documents for traveling abroad and the presence of the original or the electronic ticket (e-ticket must be provided in printed form) to sporting events of the European Games and (or) the ceremony of opening and (or) closing.

Ticket for competition
Medical insurance

Also under the visa-free entry financial support is required - at least 2 base values (about 22 euros) for each day of stay.

Within the period from 10 June to 10 July, owners of vehicles with a technically permissible mass not exceeding 3.5 tons (towed trailers) are exempted from tolls on toll roads.

Remember! One ticket to the competition allows a tourist to enter Belarus only once not later than the date specified in the ticket.

When entering by car, it is necessary to obtain “green card”, which is valid in Belarus (compulsory civil liability insurance contract).

Information about  the queues at checkpoints
E-tickets are sold  here
More information  about visa-free entry

Customs clearance

At the checkpoints functions a system of "green" and "red" corridors

Goods not subjected to declaration:

Goods for personal use
weighing less than 25 kg and costing 500 € - by car, 50 kg and 10,000 € - by plane
Alcoholic beverages
up to 3 liters (18+)
Tobacco products
200 cigarettes or 50 cigars (cigarillos) or 250 g of tobacco (18+)
up to $ 10,000
in the original packaging (except for products containing narcotic and psychotropic substances) in the required amount for personal use
Photo, video equipment, portable computers
no more than 1 unit
Mobile phones
no more than 2 units

Goods subjected to declaration:

Declaration without payment
veterinary control
Items of cultural values
permission from the Ministry of Culture
in excess of $ 10,000
in original packaging, containing narcotic (in the amount not exceeding week need) and psychotropic (not more than 90 single doses) substances, providing extract and a doctor's prescription
Weapons (except prohibited), its main (component) parts and ammunition
permission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
permission of the State Committee for Military Industry, State Supervisory Department for Telecommunications of the Republic of Belarus
Declaration with payment
Goods for personal use
weighing more than 25 kg and costing more than 500 € - by car (50 kg and 10 000 € - by plane) - 30% in terms of excess, but not less than 4 € / kg. In the case of entry to Belarus more than once within 3 months - weighing more than 20 kg and costing over 300 €
Alcoholic drinks
more than 3 liters, but not more than 5 liters - 10 € / l (18+)

Products prohibited to import:

Alcoholic beverages
over 5 liters
Tobacco products
over 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars (cigarillos) or 250 g of tobacco (18+)
Hazardous waste products
Information on printed, audiovisual and other storage devices
which can cause damage to political or economic interests, national security and public health
Special technical means for surreptitious obtaining of information
Protective means / Personal defense equipment
Ozone-depleting substances and products containing such substances
Plant Protection Products
Service and civilian weapons, except for those authorized, its main parts and ammunition
Tools for catching (fishing) aquatic biological resources
Encryption (cryptographic) means, except for those permitted, and goods containing such means
Radio-electronic means and high-frequency civilian devices
Human organs and tissues, blood and its components
Toxic substances
non-precursors of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances restricted to movement across the customs border

The Republic of Belarus has a value added tax refund system Tax free.

Rules of stay

Foreign citizens without accreditation are required to register within 5 working days at place of their stay (in the police department or hotel).

Foreign citizens accredited at the Games are exempted from registration on the territory of Belarus.

When leaving Belarus, the ticket for the competition and the registration mark will be checked.

Where to register in Minsk

Department of Citizenship and Migration of the Centralny district office of internal affairs, Minsk

Address: 220053, Minsk, str. Orlovskaya 24
Phone: +375 17 288-82-73

Department of Citizenship and Migration of the Frunzenskiy district office of internal affairs, Minsk

Address: Minsk, str. Lidskaya 10
Phone: +37517 205-79-39, +37517 254-96-13

Department of Citizenship and Migration of the Sovetskiy district office of internal affairs, Minsk

Address: 220005, Minsk, str. Horuzhey 3
Phone: +37517 284-66-77, +37517 284-68-28

Department of Citizenship and Migration of Pervomaiskiy district office of internal affairs, Minsk

Address: 220012, Minsk, str. Belinskogo 10
Phone: +37517 280-18-79, +37517 280-18-73

Department of Citizenship and Migration of the Partisanskiy district office of internal affairs, Minsk

Address: 220009, Minsk, str. Stakhanovskaya 5
Phone: +37517 230-82-23, +37517 230-81-87

Department of Citizenship and Migration of the Oktyabrskiy district office of internal affairs, Minsk

Address: Minsk, str. Kazintsa 60
Phone: +37517 212-44-20, +37517 396-21-96

Department of Citizenship and Migration of the Moscovskiy district office of internal affairs, Minsk

Address: 220117, Minsk, str. Rafieva, 44
Phone: +37517 206-20-08, +37517 206-21-48

Department of Citizenship and Migration of Leninskiy district office of internal affairs, Minsk

Address: 220112, Minsk, Igumenskiy tract, 32
Phone: +37517 298-79-28

Department of Citizenship and Migration of Zavodskoy district office of internal affairs, Minsk

Address: 220066, Minsk, str. Uborevicha 42
Phone: +37517 341-39-16, +37517 340-60-83, +37517 340-50-93

From 21 to 30 June, the departments of citizenship and migration in Minsk will work on weekends.

We also remind, that you can register via the Internet on a single portal of electronic services  portal.gov.by. This procedure is available for foreigners who entered Belarus through the checkpoints (those who arrived from the territory of the Russian Federation, must apply in person for the registration to the department of citizenship and migration).

Emergency services

Ministry of Emergency Situations
tel.: 101
tel.: 102
Emergency Medical Service
tel.: 103
Railway Information Service
tel.: 105
Air Transport Information Service
tel.: 106
Help service on phone numbers of organizations and citizens
tel.: 109
Bus station Information Service
tel.: 114

Local time GMT + 3 hours

Country Code: +375

Minsk code: 17

Belarus has two state languages - Belarusian and Russian.

National currency - the Belarusian ruble. Bank cards and traveler’s checks are accepted. Currency can be exchanged only in exchange offices of banks.

1 base value – 25,5 Belarusian rubles (about 11 euros).

SIM-card of mobile operator can be purchased upon presentation of a passport.

Please do not forget that in Belarus it is forbidden to smoke and drink alcoholic and low alcohol beverages (beer) in public places (on the street, stadium, square, park, public transport).

Additional Information

On border crossing issues, follow the  link

Additional information on visiting the 2nd European Games you can find  here

  • athletes
  • coaches
  • service staff
  • judges
  • leaders of the International Olympic Committee, the Global Association of International Sports Federations
  • official representatives and invited persons of the European Olympic Committees, National Olympic Committees, International and European Sports Federations
  • Heads of States and accompanying persons
  • ministers of sports and accompanying persons
  • sponsors of the European Olympic Committees
  • accredited representatives of foreign media
  • official representatives of the World Anti-Doping Agency
  • foreign experts on anti-doping in sport and doping control
  • foreign volunteers
  • members of artistic creativity groups
  • other creative specialists
  • administrative and technical personnel involved in preparation and arrangement of the European Games
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