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Checkpoint «Tomashovka»

Checkpoint «Tomashovka»

Checkpoint daily capacity

car.png 200

car.png -

car.png 50

Facility datasheet

Adjacent checkpoint: Pulemec
Status: International (intended for the passage of any nationality and stateless persons);
Type of international transportation: Cargo and passenger (Used for traffic of passenger transport, buses and cars with capacity up to 3.5 t and a total weight up to 6 t)

Transportation mode: Motorway
Working hours: 24/7
Location: Brest region, Brest district, Tomashovka

Types of control

Border control

Border Control Station Tamashovka of Brest Border Group +375-162-967685

telephone number of the officer on duty of Brest Border Group +375,162 21 08 04

24/7 hotline for information about State Border crossing: +375 17 216 26 12

24/7 helpline of the personal security service: +375 17 265 90 08

Customs control
Customs Clearance and Control Unit№5 Tamashovka: +375-162-47039

Veterinary control

Belarusian Department for State Veterinary Inspection at the State Border and Means of Transportation: +375-162-967324

Phytosanitary control
Not applicable

Sanitary-quarantine control
Main Directorate of Brest Regional Center for Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public of Health, Sanitary-and-Quarantine Station Tomashovka: +375-162-967194

Transport control

Customs Clearance and Control Unit№5 Tomashovka: +375-162-470369

Checkpoint layout

*It is allowed to cross the State Border by bicycle.