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Checkpoint «Novaya Rudnya»

Checkpoint «Novaya Rudnya»

Checkpoint daily capacity

car.png 320

car.png 260

car.png 15

Facility datasheet

Adjacent checkpoint: Vystopovichy
Status: International (for citizens of any state or stateless persons)
Type of international transportation: Cargo-and-passenger

Transportation mode: Motorway
Working hours: 24/7
Location: Gomel region, Jeĺsk district, Novaya Rudnya

Types of control

Border control

Border Control Station Novaya Rudnya of Mozyr Border Detachment +375-2354-40816

telephone number of the officer on duty of Mozyr Border Detachment +375 154 34-17-60

24/7 hotline for information about State Border crossing: +375 17 216 26 12

24/7 helpline of the personal security service: +375 17 265 90 08

Customs control

Customs Clearance Post Novaya Rudnya of Gomel Customs Office

Veterinary control

Mozyr Border Control Veterinary Station of Belarusian Department for State Veterinary Inspection at the State Border and Means of Transportation Novaya Rudnya: +375-2354-40818

Phytosanitary control
Gomel Regional State Inspectorate for Seed Breeding, Quarantine and Protection of Plants

Sanitary-quarantine control

Sanitary-and-Quarantine Station Novaya Rudnya: +375-2354-40817

Transport control
Customs Clearance Post Novaya Rudnya ofGomel Customs Office

Checkpoint layout

*It is allowed to cross the State Border by bicycle.