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Priority entry to the checkpoints

Attention! A new procedure for issuance and seizure of passes granting priority entry to the road checkpoints.

One of the novelties is the right of individuals for priority entry to the checkpoint. Now,after applying to the State Border Committee and receiving a pass, an individual may be granted a single priority entry to the checkpoint for vehicles.

Any legal entities and not only those engaged in foreign-trade activity may receive a pass.

As for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs carrying out international cargo transportation, they now can apply to the State Border Committee for a pass issued specifically for the cargo vehicle and not for the driver.

  The issuance of passes for priority entry to the border checkpoints for motor vehicles may be refused in cases, provided by administrative legislation, and:

  State border authorized officials are obliged to seize the pass for priority entry to the border checkpoints:

The right for priority entry without the pass is granted to:

  • state, government, parliamentary delegations of the Republic of Belarus;

  • individuals travelling on diplomatic passports;

  • individuals traveling on service passports of citizens of the Republic of Belarus;

  • - heads and members of diplomatic missions and international organizations, consular offices, as well as their family members, accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, regardless of the passport type of their respective owners - when travelling with diplomatic (consular) registration marks of the Republic of Belarus;

  • individuals travelling on notices of serious illness or death of relatives, certified by physician or department of internal affairs, or notices coming through diplomatic channels;

  • citizens of the Republic of Belarus, sent for treatment or consultation outside of the Republic of Belarus by the Ministry of Health - in the presence of the committee's decision about recreation outside the country;

  • individuals travelling on certificates for the disabled World War II, war veteran, a disabled group I, issued by the competent authorities of the Republic of Belarus, as well as individuals, following with children under 3 years old or disabled children under 18 years old;

  • groups of children travelling abroad for recovery and treatment;

  • sports delegations of the Republic of Belarus, athletes, teams of athletes which take part in international sports events (sports competitions and the preparations for them, including training camps, conferences, congresses, meetings, seminars, delivery of sports equipment, registration of documents) in accordance with national and local time schedule of sports events, reconciled with the Ministry of sports and tourism, as well as the time schedule of the sporting activities of the National Olympic Committee of Belarus, Paralympic Committee;

  • individuals having the pass for priority entry to the road checkpoints, issued by the State Border Committee, as well as those following on the decision of the Chairman of the State Border Committee, or his deputy;

  • cargo vehicles carrying dangerous, perishable goods or animals - with documents confirming the transportation of these goods or animals;

  • vehicles with humanitarian aid and accompanying individuals, following in the manner prescribed by law;

  • vehicles for transportation of caskets with bodies (bones) of the dead;

  • officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, customs officials, members of the Republican Unitary Enterprise "Beltamozhservice" accompanying the vehicles and the goods.