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Electronic queue system

Electronic queue system at the Belarusian border functions in the following checkpoints: Under the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus № 1130 dated 31st of December, 2015, all vehicles crossing the border at these checkpoints, will pass through the electronic queue system.

Please note, that border, customs and other types of control are passed under the established order.

Electronic queue system with booking
Electronic queue system without  booking
Priority departure from the waiting area is granted to:
  • private persons with diplomatic passports;
  • heads and staff of diplomatic missions and representatives of international organizations, consular offices, as well as their family members, accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, regardless of transport type of their respective owners - when following vehicles with diplomatic (consular) registration number of the Republic of Belarus (Series CD and CC);
  • private persons, travelling providing the documents on the death or serious illness of close relatives;
  • private persons with the pass for priority entry to the checkpoint, issued by the State Border Committee, as well as under the decision of the Chairman of the State Border Committee or his first deputy;
  • cargo vehicles carrying dangerous, perishable goods or animals - providing the documents confirming the transportation of these goods or animals;
  • vehicles engaged in the transportation of eternity boxes (remains) of the dead.